Sunday, 4 January 2015

Jonah the moaner meets a great whale #messychurch #church

Today at People Prayers and Potatoes Messy Church we entered into the story of Jonah and the Whale.

We had a lot of fun making a whale out of a parachute and a table, we even got the vicar inside.

We made whales galore and the tissue paper was a huge hit

We made origami boats (sorry no photos of those).  And we wrote moaning prayers onto whales which we used in our worship.

We made the most amazing whales out of two paper plates, I was only sad I didn't get to make one.

And the biggest hit, the jonah inside the whale activity.
Take one piece of paper.
Cut out a "Jonah" about 6cm tall
Blow up a blue balloon and then let the air out
Put your fingers inside the balloon to make the neck very wide
Place the jonah inside - you need extra hands for this bit
Blow up the balloon and .....

..... voila

Jonah in the Whale

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