Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year #poetry #life #2015

Out has gone yet another year
2014 had laughter and tears
It's easy to say that we're pleased it's gone
But perhaps that's coz we focus on what's gone wrong

If, instead, we look at the whole
Spend some time thinking of our goals
Then we'll see that there was good with the bad
And perhaps that will help us feel a little less sad

My year gone by has been hard, it's true
With compromised health for many a few
But out of that worry and pain and strife
Has come much to thank God for in our life

Thanks for the family who walk alongside
Thanks for the friends who don't let me hide
Thanks for the church who pray and support
Thanks for the doctors who researched and fought

I've learned this year, it's OK to stop
That things doesn't fail when items I drop
I need to find the balance in all of my life
Less doing perhaps, gives more hope and less strife

Of course these lessons will need to repeat
What I know of myself is that learning's never complete
So I start this new year with only one goal
To try and keep going wherever God rolls.

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