Sunday, 25 January 2015

We are the Nativity Crowd #kindle

In September last year I wrote a poem which told the nativity story from the angel visiting Mary and Joseph, through the journey to Bethlehem, search for a room, birth of Jesus and visits by Shepherds and Wise Men.  In thirty verses, which can easily broken into five acts, the reader is taken through the Christmas story.

The poem was written to be performed as a play, but it works equally well as a poem to be read by adults and children alike, or to be read aloud to groups of children.  

The poem had it's debut performance at St Nicolas Earley on Christmas Eve 2014.  It was also included in it's entirety on this blog here

Following a number of requests I have made the poem available as a kindle book for sale at £1.99.  Click here or on the image to purchase a kindle copy.   If demand requires then it may be produced into a booklet before next Christmas.

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