Tuesday, 6 January 2015

It's worth a try #healthyeating #mentalhealth #asthma

Coughing, Puffing
Wheezing, Huffing
That's been me
For the last few months
Hardly walking
Restricted talking
Asthma taken hold
Of my lungs and life

Cause unknown
That's what they said
Until the eve
Of Christmas eve
Then it became clear
My depression cure
Was stopping my ability
To breathe

What a choice
Which do I want?
Or ability to breathe?
I can't decide
But I can not hide
From the necessity
To option seize

But perhaps
Yes maybe
There's another way
At least it's worth a try
Amend my food
Gentle exercise
And rest
If I start to sigh

Today's day one
Now it's begun  
I'm committed
To take a punt
I'll be keeping track
Be clear of that
In poetry
I'll update all along

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