Friday, 3 October 2014

I have a friend #autism #cancer

I have a friend 
Who herself has a friend 
Who for the third time is fighting cancer 
She was in remission 
Second set of remission 
For the third time it's back, even harder 

Her child is autistic 
Non verbal autistic 
Needing care all day 24/7
She needs our support 
Our monetary support 
So please give as others have given

No Denying it,  being a parent of a kid on the spectrum is hard.  Put Cancer on top of that, and well,  its' harder. That cancer,  out of remission and spreading for the third time...Non-verbal child who needs care 24/7 and  well,  that's what nightmares are made of in the autism world.  

Right now this is Melanie's world.   Her Thinking Mom's Revolution name is "Booty Kicker" and I am sure that what she is doing right now... giving cancer a run for it's money. 

Please join us in supporting her family in their time of need. We know Melanie has so much faith,  love and healing energy behind her.  Please say a prayer for her and her family now too,  see her happy and healthy and caring for her amazing son.  

We are all cheering you on Melanie sending you love and light and healing!!

IF you would like to donate to the fundraising Campaign to support Mel and her family please DONATE HERE: 

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