Sunday, 8 September 2019

Retired from life

This is another poem I don't even remember writing, but it was clearly an out flowing of feeling so I'm sharing it now in case it helps someone else.

Every day full
Loads to get done
People to see
Not enough time
Always in demand
An endless to do list
Goals to fulfill
Just chasing a dream

That was the life
I longed to escape from
But now I'm here
I don't feel I belong

Who would have thought
When you finally stop
You'd miss all the stress
Meetings and actions
I longed to retire
For my life to start
But never thought
It would be a stop

Who am I now;
What is my purpose?
What can I do;
To fill these days?

I'm on the outside
Of life as I knew it
Not connected
To all I held real
Life was work
But I never knew that
Now I guess
I'm retired from life

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