Monday, 18 May 2020

Meditation on a Tree

With thanks to the many friends who shared their photos and videos of the natural world in order to create this video for those of us who are shielding and missing our connection with nature and finding God in the wonderful world.

Take one tree
Doesn't need to be a big tree
As long as you can comfortably
Lie down underneath

Allow the wonder of nature
To relax you completely
It's time to do your duty
And breathe..... deeply

What can you sense
In amongst the tree?
Any birds making nests?
Caterpillars eating leaves?

At first it might seem empty
Nothing going on
Look a little deeper
You'll discover quite a throng

A pigeon taking flight
Disturbs the canopy
What's that taking a wander?
A massive bumblebee

Rain showers start
The tree becomes a roof
Droplets follow paths
Ancient to the roots

Every sense engaged
A day of many pleasures
Inspired by the world's
Amazing varied creatures

As you pause for this time
Relaxing within nature
Let your mind dream
Of a world a little better

Where time in the wild
Isn't a 'sometimes' treat
But something to enjoy
Every day of every week

When we emerge again
Let's fully be connected
To each other, the world
Hope and love projected

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