Friday, 25 March 2011

Flahback Friday

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This weeks flashback Friday is me holding Rachel when she was just one week old. She was tiny and fragile and beautiful and she needed me entirely.

This week I have been taken back to that place of new motherhood as I watch her ill with scarlet fever, unable to do much and full of fear and love. I'm Shocked how vulnerable she can still be even at 5 years old. I'm thrilled she's getting better and arguing with daddy again. I'm watching her rash like a hawk and I'm very aware that motherhood is a challenge as well as a blessing forever more.

If you have never blogged a Flashback Friday then I highly recommend it for a number of reasons:
1. It's a great excuse to go into your photo archives and have a rummage
2. Pictures cam be more powerful than words
3. Everything cones into focus when you think back
4. It's just good old fashioned fun

1 comment:

Brenda Davis said...

Precious picture, precious memories and SO happy that Rachel is improving. It is hard on us mamas to watch our babies be sick. I hope you are getting a little rest now. Before long all will be back to normal and this memory will be a footnote, not a headline,,, <3