Thursday, 31 March 2011

A sign of healing

Tonight I was driving home from a meeting and Robbie Williams came on the radio singing "Angels". I love this song, especially since seeing it sung at Knebworth:

Why have I always loved it?
Because of it's ability to touch my emotional depths, to bring tears when needed.

However it became extremely hard to hear after loosing Kendi, and ever since. I tend to avoid it unless I am able to deal with the emotions it stirs. And they have been massive when tapped.

But tonight I realised I was singing along, enjoying the song again, feeling the joy of the words without the tears and pain. This is a true sign of healing, one I never expected to experience. Thank you God.

1 comment:

MmeLindt said...

I have goosebumps, reading your post and listening to that.

Very moving. Thanks for sharing.