Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lent Course

Every year I have the debate about what course to follow through Lent. Sometimes it is given to me, for example if we are planning to follow one as a church or a home group. But sometimes that doesn't feel 'right', and sometimes there is nothing offered which I haven't done before. As is the case this year.

And can you believe it's taken me until today to finally settle on which course to follow - better late than never. This is the course I am following this year

I have chosen this partly because I adore CS Lewis and his writings about christianity, the church and God; partly because his stories speak to me and also to Rachel and so I hope that together we might be able to explore; and partly because the cover spoke to me.

So is anyone else following this course this lent? Anyone who fancies sharing with me along the weeks upto Easter? I'd love to have some company.

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