Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sexuality is not societies business

I don't often read the Daily Mail but I was perusing the online papers and found this about a proposal for schools to question 11 year olds about their sexuality. Well I just have to comment.

If you are a regular reader here then you will know that I have LGB friends and feel all discrimination against sexuality should be outlawed. This needs to be said so that my comments are not taken out of context.

It is completely inappropriate to question anyone about their sexuality, it is a private and personal issue for individuals to share as and if they wish to. When talking about children and teenagers this is even more important.

I understand that the pretexts for this questioning is to support the young people and e sure they are not bullied; but really, it is not necessary to know someones sexuality (even if they know what that means or what theirs is) to support them unconditionally.

I have a nasty feeling that this proposal is a way in, to collect data and use it for some sort of research purposes. Our children should not be subjected to this.

I've a better idea, spend the research money on Educating and supporting parents of children who are having a difficulty understanding or accepting their sexuality, there's an idea.


Red said...

Well said, and in addition (and I dont mean this to sound patronising in any way), but at age 11 and into teenage years, for many there is a level of confusion about sexuality anyway. Not everyone who is gay 'knows' that they are from an early age. Encouraging kids to lable themselves as anything at such a young age seems, actually, a bit dangerous.

SandGirl said...

I don't believe that this has any place in an educational setting either and the justification for it is flawed. Kids are bullied for all kinds of reasons and it matters not why they are bullied. I despair at attempts made by the state to pry into our private affairs and frankly they should be concentrating resources on providing an adequate education for all rather than interrogating pre-pubescent kids about who they fancy!