Monday, 21 March 2011

good enough

Over the years I have read books, been counselled, heard sermons, delivered sermons, received healing, attended seminars and even written essays about being good enough, but it's not going in.

I can't accept it.

I think I do enough.
I think I pray enough.
I think I help others enough.
I think I listen enough.
I think I mother enough.
But I don't FEEL good enough.

Not good enough to....
Be loved
Be heard
Be called
Be accepted

It is a deep healing I need in me, one that I work on all the time, one which is being dealt with in Open Door Retreat this week as I stand at the foot of the cross.

And so today, again I pray; Lord heal my inability to hear that I am good enough for you.


Karen said...

I think we all struggle with those feelings of acceptance and being enough. We're pulled in so many directions all the time and it's challenging. Have you considered doing a Freedom in Christ course? I've not done it myself, but know people who have and they have found the release life altering.

John Holcroft said...

We love you! And you don't need to earn the right to be loved, heard, called or accepted. But I think you might already know that, but are struggling to feel it.