Saturday, 26 March 2011

God children rock

I am sure I've blogged on being a godmother a few times before, but hey if somethings worth saying it's worth saying a couple of times.

Today is my Godsons 4th birthday; and it's now 3 years since his christening when I made the promises to be his godmother. I couldn't go to his birthday party (not that it was me who was invited) because Rachel is sick, but I did manage to go see him this afternoon and give him a huh and his presents.

And that's when it hit me, I love this boy and his brother (and his parents are pretty cool too) and they are family to me. Through choice, not blood, I and my family are bonded to them to support, nurture and love through thick and thin. I would do anything for this boy and hope he always knows he can ask me. And this is why god children rock; they help me get over the "not good enough" by reflecting back to me that I am enough for them by just trying enough.

It's also worth saying, and I don't think I have before, that that's why I love and cherish my god parents and am forever grateful to Rachels.

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