Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Worry enough

Seeing as how I'm on the theme of "not enough" I thought I'd focus on something I do more than enough of and know I should do less of ... Worrying!

I am a professional worrier, with over 30 years of worrying under my belt I am listed by the institution of national wireless. I have worried about being late, being early; being over dressed, being under-dressed; being too confident, being too full of doubt. I worried about the past, future and present; I worried.

I have put much of this worrying in the past tense because I am pleased to tell you that I worry less than I used to. And for that I have the twelve steps to thank. But it is a habit I can fall back into easily.

Today is one of those days; Rachel is sick with a high fever and "possible scarlet fever" and whilst she now sleeps I watch her and worrying is happening. Is she warm enough? Too warm? Should I check her rash? Or let her sleep? Will this sleep now help her recover or causes problem tonight?

And mostly: will she be OK?
And so I hand over my worries about and for her to God; Lord hold my baby girl safe and bring her through this. Amen.

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