Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Free schools: creationism, RE and teachers

This article in The Guardian has caught my attention.  

The article is centred around the fact that creationism will not be allowed to be taught in free schools, that science is science based on facts including evolution. Fabulous, I agree.

Of course I would also like to see that free schools, in fact ALL schools teach religious education that covers the broad spectrum of beliefs in all world faiths. Surely our children need to be taught varying beliefs, practices and views to be able to understand and be tolerant.

But that aside, what worries me in the article is one little sentence hidden away:

Teachers working at free schools will also not need to have formal teaching qualifications

Pardon me? Are you kidding?  So these are state funded schools, that don't need qualified teachers? 

Now surely that should be the headline!


Anne said...

I agree! Parents need to be assured that people who are teaching their children are properly trained and qualified. Too many people believe that teaching is easy. It's not. You may get a few brilliant, natural teachers, but most people need training in the skills.

Red said...

I read the article too with interest and it's good to know that they will be regulated like other schools. However the question of staffing is no different to private schools. Their teachers dont have to be qualified either. Often there is quite a mix from the very qualified to the non, to those learning on the job. A relative of mine for example wen to teach games at a private school after uni, ended up doing his PGCE on the job after a few years and now teaches maths.
I agree that training is useful but I think it's right not to exclude people on the basis they haven't qualified with a teaching degree or similar.
red :)