Thursday, 24 March 2011

Real Easter Eggs Review part 1

Have you heard of "The Real Easter Egg"?

Here is their website

These are Fairtrade chocolate Easter eggs that have been designed to Put Jesus back into Easter

The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter Egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter on the box. It also supports charity and development projects - buying everything from medical equipment for new mums here at home, to chickens and securing fresh water for farmers in Africa.

Well I was lucky enough to get my hands one four of them, yes FOUR! And seeing as how they have sold out I'm thrilled to have pre-ordered and received mine. I obviously haven't tried the chocolate (hence this is review part 1) but I have enjoyed reading the box. I am seriously impressed with the images and delivery of the Easter story.


Now all that's left is deciding who to give them to.

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Red said...

Yes we got some too :) had to get them 3 weeks ago though...
about time someone started putting Jesus back into the commercial Easter!