Thursday, 19 May 2011

Are cheerleaders aloud at licensing?

I was with a friend tonight who thought it could be a great laugh to have a group of them cheering me on at the licensing in November.  I'm not sure if she means pompoms and rara skirts, or human pyramids, or excitable chants in a Taize styley; who knows but it is so nice to know I have "cheerleaders" both within and without the church.

So it got me thinking; in a late night, over tired, comical way. 

Would there be t-shirts?
Could I wear one under my cassock?

What design would they be?
Perhaps with the multi coloured LLM logo on that so many of us would love to adopt?
Or maybe a slogan such as "Emma for God".

I have only twice in my life worn a t-shirt as a group; both times in the USA and with bestest friends who convinced me to.  I like the idea, but also have the reserved British thing of not wanting to stand out. (yes, I know, it'll be obvious which one I am at licensing).

But Rachel on the other hand, now she loves a T-shirt she can design herself in her choice of colours.  Perhaps pink with yellow writing, I can see it now.  

So what would her custom t-shirt say? 
I envisage ....

"My Mum Works For God."

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Ann Memmott said...

T-shirts? Excellent! Can we all buy one??