Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Big Sing of Iona Songs

If you've never been to an Iona Big Sing then you haven't lived.

If you've never even heard of an Iona Big Sing, well it's an event.  Led by Alison Adam of the Iona community it brings novice and experienced singers together to sing songs from around the world. Within a few hours a glorious sound is made.  

St Nics hosted a Big Sing last week as part of the year of "Going Deeper". Alison Adams came and led a workshop of Iona songs after which we sang them as part of our worship. AMAZING!

This song is the one that spoke to me.  Maybe it's the words, maybe the music, but I think it's the signs that Alison taught us to accompany it.  It took the song to my heart, touching my soul.

I may not have the signs filmed (not yet anyway) but here's the song to enjoy.

So why do I love a big sing?
It's the sound, from passionate voices lifted to God.
It's the fun, of learning new songs and harmonies.
It's the freedom, to sing and dance as the music takes me.
It's the worship and joy and letting your worries float away on the notes.

Love it!

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Rhoda said...

Those harmonies are beautiful! I'm going to bookmark it for my children to listen to tomorrow :)