Monday, 23 May 2011

Psalm 31 speaks to me as I am

Psalm 31 speaks to me just as I am. 
I hope that this rewriting shows my feelings and does justice to the psalmist as well as being a comfort to those today who find psalms hard to access.

Help me Lord
Keep me safe
See me
Save me
Hear me
Rescue me

You are Lord
Protect me 
Lead me
Guide me
Find me
Redeem me

I am yours
Faithful God
I trust
I praise
I rejoice
I love you

I am flawed
You know me
You see
You love
You help
You protect 

I wail Lord
Comfort me
I cry
I sigh
I collapse
I waste away

They hate me
Love me Lord
They turn
They leave
They flee
They forget me

I trust you 
Lord my God
Hold me
See me
Hear me
Deliver me

You hold me
God of rest
You give
You care
You comfort
You shelter 

Oh blessed Lord
You love me
My hurt
My fear
My life
My everything

You heard me
Oh Lord God
You came
You love
You know
You accept me



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val said...

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