Friday, 27 May 2011

One step

One step, that's all I ask
The next step along the path
No analysis, no questions, no fear
Just follow the call you hear

Trust me to lead you
Trust me to know you
Trust me to hold you
Trust me 

Think, pray and prepare
Ask, reflect and hear
No plan needed, no goal heeded
Opportunities given, lead not driven

Just one step
Only the next step
No leap
Just step.

this came to me, just as it is, unde the pine tree at Stanton house on retreat. God is good

1 comment:

ramtops said...

Thanks Em, needed that.

It's just I've been told I can't take the next step... yet, I have to wait for the rules to work in my favour. So I'm also praying for patience and the knowledge that I shall learn something more in my walk with God, whilst I wait.