Friday, 6 May 2011

Flashback Friday - the men in my life

I was sorting my study out this morning and this card fell out of a box.

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I haven't seen this card in at least a decade. I was given it by the man who trained and nurtured me into a workshop facilitator of civil engineering projects.  A man I remember with thanks for trusting me and having faith in me.

It's made me think of the other men who have inspired and nurtured me through my life.

A civil engineer, a transport engineer, a highway specialist, a hard worker, a perfectionist, a model of how you can love your job, a picture of how work can overtake your life if you're not careful.

A lecturer, a manager, a family man, an inspiration to students, a motivator, a supporter

A project manager, a first boss, a workaholic, a listener, an inspiration, an encourager to find your route to success, a man who knew I could do it

A live life to the full kind of guy, a maverick, a professional, a comedian, a thinker, a business man, a partier, a man who gave me confidence, a man who pushed me when I needed it

A rock, a love, a friend, a support, a bring me back to earth, a go on Emma I know you can do it, an I'm always hear for you husband extraordinaire

A client, a truster, a wine connoisseur, an experienced bloke, a provider of an opportunity that made all the difference

A colleague, a joint author of papers, a conference attender, a laugh, a thought provoker, a friend, an encourager

A vicar, see-insider, a selector, an arm twister, a vocation advisor, a man who told me I really was called

A vicar, a supervisor, a colleague, a friend, a listener, an answerer, a pray-er, a writer of thanks, an inspiration, a push in the right direction

I owe a debt of thanks to all these men, today I remember them specifically as valuable men in my life.


Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

What a great flashback post! You have been lucky to have had such inspirational men in your life and well done for remembering them all!

Mari's World said...

What a lovely tribute to the men in your life who have helped you along your path. Great Flashback