Saturday, 28 May 2011

Missing my international friends

I miss my international friends
There, I said it.

I miss those in the Netherlands and Germany.
those in Australia and New Zealand.
those in Canada and Anerica.
those in Africa and Asia.
those separated by distance all over the world.
I miss them.

It used to be enough to be online together, but now it's torture.
It used to be OK to snatch time on the phone, but not any more, even if time allowed.
It used to be exciting to plan trips, but they are too expensive these days and too far apart.

It was OK when online was all we had.
But then we met, then we grew, then we loved, then we separated.
And suddenly I realised how close these friends would be if geography was kinder.
So crazily I backed off, it was less painful to deal with.
But I miss them.

Not much can be done, distances are too great.
How I long for them to see the joy of life here.
And how I long to see the joy of life with them.

We are friends still;
True friends for whom distance and time will not effect.
But it would sure be nice to hug and laugh and cry together.
In the same room, same building, same town, same country and time zone.

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prerna said...

Aww.. Sending you a bunch of hugs from overseas.. Hopefully, we'll grow to be friends soon!!