Monday, 2 May 2011

The need for peace

It was a shock, the news today
Osama's totally gone away
Hurray, hurrah they all did say
But is it right to feel that way?

He planned it all, the devastation
Brought it down upon a nation
Grief and loss and then frustration
Osama vanished away from creation

Ten years on, today they found him
Not holed up below a mountain
But in a street, in fact a mansion 
Living there, at last they caught him

Osama's dead, the worlds the same
For most, all that remains is pain
Cheering, celebrating, it's not a game
We must stop the hunt for gain 

Today I pray that peace abounds
That Gods great love can us surround
Jew, Christian, Muslim, all
Together stand and never fall

We are all the same, at the core
Made as man, wanting more
Only together can we be sure
Peace can be found, once and for all


ramtops said...

Canon Andrew White would agree with I think. He wrote from Baghdad yesterday:
" So, Osama Bin Laden is dead! A day that has been longed for many years. Today is just the beginning of the fight against al-Qaida. Terror is not over, the reality is that that we are now all in a very dangerous time.
Al Qaida will try and show the world that they can and will still commit terror, so we all need to be on our guard."

Good poem btw!

Songbird said...

Thanks for sharing your poem, Emma. When you write "they all" who do you mean? If you mean all Americans, that's painting with an overly broad brush, but maybe that's how it seems on the news where you are. Please know we're not all having a party about this.