Sunday, 29 May 2011

Little Book of Affirmation

I have been advised many times over the last few years to create a book of affirmation for my ministry.  I have resisted/ignored/procrastinated and generally not taken heed of this particular advice.

The thing is I can't imagine having a positive place, it seems so egotistic.  It's embarrassing writing down nice things people say, let alone reading it later.  I just can't see me using it at all.

But I know to take advice from people I respect, those whom I turn to for advice.  So I am taking the first step.

I've chosen the book.
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I know that sounds crazy, after all any book will do, but this means I now have a specific book to start putting things in.

I've also found all the cards and notes I've been given over the last few years.  

These include congratulations for selection and thanks for things I've done and positive comments.  These I've kept because they mean so much, and it seems to me they are the start of the book of affirmation.

You know what's funny; reading the cards and notes was so affirming.  

Looks like there might be something in this.  Worth trying anyway.

I wonder if putting blog comments in is ok, after all many of them encourage me to continue in my ramblings.

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