Sunday, 22 May 2011

Berkshire Babyloss Support Group – BBSG

Here it is, details of the support group I am fundraising for so that I can start holding support meetings in the Autumn.

Mission Statement: To provide a place for bereaved parents, their families and friends who have experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy or at birth.

We aim to hold a monthly evening Support Group at a suitable venue in the Reading area once a month. The group will be led by a trained miscarriage counsellor who has experience in walking alongside those bereaved through baby loss.

The support group is to be a place where we hope attendees will feel comfortable and among friends, a place where they feel able to share their experiences, worries, fears and problems. Attendees will be going through a range of feelings: deep sadness, anger, disbelief, shock, bitterness, guilt etc. These are all different stages of grieving, and are perfectly natural after the loss of a baby at whatever stage.

All of those in the group will have experienced either one or more losses and will therefore understand how each other feels. Sometimes just by talking or listening, it's a great relief to discover that other people feel the same way and that you are not alone.

We will welcome attendees to come to the group as often as they need, but if someone feels they need a break, that's fine too. It is understood that some months will be better than others, and if an attendee haven't been for some time, the group will only be too glad to see them again.

Everything shared at the support group will be held in confidence by all attendees at the group; this will be reminded at the start of each meeting.

If you are reading this and thinking that you might be able to help me in running the support group then please let me know.

If you are reading this and thinking it might be something you, or someone you know, might want to come along to then also please let me know with your email address and I will keep you informed of the meeting details.

All I ask for now is prayer in the establishment of this group.

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