Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I have been having extremely vivid dreams over the last few days.  Don't get me wrong, I dream every night; but I tend to wake up with an impression of them rather than recollection.

The last few days I have had perfect recall through the day following the dream.

Yesterday I dreamt I was preaching in church in my underwear.  Don't hang on that thought too long, no one needs that image in their head.  The meaning was pretty clear to me; ministry is a giving of yourself and can feel very vulnerable.

So tell me what the meaning of today's dream is, all thoughts welcome.

Mike, Rachel and I were on holiday somewhere.  We were late (definitely nothing like normal) packing up to leave  and catch our flight.  No matter how fast we packed we just didn't seem to make any dent on the stuff to be packed.  We were panicking.  And then ..... Along comes John Cleese! Not as hotel manager but as the next customer.  He started demanding his room and that made us panic more. 

And I woke up.
So tell me, what does THAT mean?

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