Saturday, 24 September 2011

Clearing the study

I spent over two hours this morning clearing my desk and study, and the results are pretty pleasing.

It started because I was looking for the Babyloss Ribbons and couldn't lay my hands on them easily. It continued because it felt therapeutic. It ended with a much more organised system, a clearer desk itself and a sense of readiness.

I threw out loads of old clippings and notes and random items which I thought might have been useful during my training. I photographed those which I had an inkling might be of future interest but otherwise I was just a touch less than ruthless.

I have organised files for Lay ministry, parish ministry, all age services, children's work, youth work, bereavement and pastoral care, messy church, schools work, adult learning, miscarriage and babyloss, charity work and personal things. They have a place now, I can find them and they'll be useful when I need them.

I feel more organised, more prepared, more ready; as if the chaos which training can sometimes feel is over, ready for the chaos which I'm sure ministry will often generate. Now to make sure it never turns into this perfect example of a clergy desk by Dave Walker.


Anne said...

Emma, I'm feeling very guilty now looking at the chaos on my desk.

When is you actual licensing day?

Emma Major said...

Don't feel guilty, mines been a mess for the best part of 3 years!

Licensing is 5th November, are you able to come?