Monday, 5 September 2011

Freddie Mercury would be 65

Today I just have to share the fabulous google doodle commemorating what would today be Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday.

I know I'll be the hundredth blog to post this but for there are two good reasons why I'm doing so.

1. I've been thinking about what we as a church might do for World Aids Day, and that always makes me remember Freddie Mercury.

2. I vividly remember the day Freddie died because I was walking to my GCSE music class with the three others who were studying music when I heard. One of them, Matt, was and I guess still is a massive Queen fan and he was shocked and upset by the news. It's a retained memory and one that comes back when I hear Queen's Music.

So today I share this in the hope that Freddy's memory might live on through his music and that this might inspire the world to find a cure for HIV Aids.

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