Saturday, 3 September 2011

The nature of home

For many people Greenbelt represents 'home' for them; perhaps it means to be at peace, to be protected or to be with people you love.

At Greenbelt this year I felt less at home than I did before, or at least that's what I'd have said last weekend.  But now I ponder I realise that home shouldn't just be easy and comfortable; it might well be challenging and thought provoking with love.  And Greenbelt was certainly that.

And being home; does that feel like home?  Well yes, in a comfort sense; but it's also challenging spiritually being home, being where the conversations are harder to have.

So what is the nature of home?
It IS a feeling of peace but also to be challenged to improve.
It IS a place of protection but not to be segregated from the realities of life.
Mostly it is a place to be with people we love and this is anywhere, as long as I have Rachel and Mike and God alongside.

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