Saturday, 3 September 2011

Holy inappropriate???

I'll start this post by admitting I'm not a Daily Mail reader, in fact I read it at my in-laws as a form of painful entertainment than anything else.  But this article has really got my goat...

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Complaining that Bishop's are too real? Too approachable?  Too relaxed?

People prefer their Bishops to be alouf, separated and robed at all times? 
What is that about?
Did Jesus robe specially? I think not.

I've been wondering if it's a set up, to try to get a rise from people like me, but knowing the daily mail I think it might be serious.

It seems to me that Bishops can't get it right whatever they do.  Their either disconnected from the real world and theologising from ivory towers; or their slovenly and approachable.

Personally I like this move towards a more open style; it is a public demonstration that Bishops are human, like the rest of us, called by God to their ministerial role.

As a mere lay minister I will robe when needed; but mostly I will be dressed as me as appropriate for work with kids.  My clothes do not change my calling or ministry, that's all inside.

I wonder whether Bishop John will be open collared at my licensing? Of course he won't, after all we'll all be robed.  But how about the day after when he's coming to a special service at church?  I hope he doesn't expect me robed because I'll be running Sunday school and can't do that in a cassock.  It'd be great to see him informal with the kids, just as Jesus did.


catseybod said...

I think some people find the dog collar / cassock comforting, the person is subsumed by the uniform and they feel safer confiding or seeking advice. Others will be put off by it and you won't reach them unless you get down amongst them. Your approach of assuming the cassock when called for and getting down with the kids in mufti sounds bob on - may your ministry be blessed.

Virtual Pilgrim said...

Sadly another example of media stereotyping clergy and the church. What a load of twaddle. The more that church people are visible and communicating as 'real' people in their communities the better. What you're doing is exactly the right way forward imho

Edward Green said...

I would argue Jesus dressed as a Rabbi and was recognisable and therefore it is right that clergy should follow that example.

But a Biretta?!