Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Eurozone crisis and the Media

I am sick and tired of hearing the depressing news that the Eurozone is in crisis; that Greece is being followed down the swanny by Spain and now Italy. It's not that I'm not interested; it's that it is depressing both emotionally and economically.

Surely someone somewhere soon will realise soon that the endless negative reports about the world's economy is making us ordinary people less prepared to spend money!

Why would be go out and spend when it seems that the world is in a downward spiral to bankruptcy?

Why would we purchase anything from countries in trouble if they truly are on the brink of collapse?

Why would we believe that the recession is going to end some day?

It seems to me that amongst the many clever economic plans to solve the eurozone crisis perhaps the simplest would be ......

stop scaring us all to death

How about instead telling us about some good news stories such as all the small businesses that are starting up at the moment.


Life's like that... said...

if we just stopped propping up other countries and spent it all on our country, wouldn't that be a good thing?

spacehoppa said...

Hi Em, I'm afraid I have to disagree. We need to read more about this cisis, not less. Not to scare ourselves, but so that we are prepared for the chaos that is about to be unleashed by the breakdown of the world economy. Spending a bit more in the shops won't solve this problem. Our debt based society's number is being called in. We need to read our history books and get to know our neighbours and form local support groups (like you have been doing), so that we can overcome the challenges that we are about to face and help to shape the post crash society. The infinite growth model our society has been running on has reached the end of road. Peak oil, peak debt and peak inequality are here.

Emma Major said...

I agree entirely; we need to come to terms with the current socio-economic situation; but there is no focus on this in the news. We are bombarded with negative, fear ridden news that the majority of the public absorb without further knowledge or research.

I am asking the media, politicians and sociologists to provide the public with some real advice, information provision and social change agenda so that we can alter our lives to cope with the post-crash world.

spacehoppa said...

Having said all that, I agree that hearing bad news all day long is pretty depressing and does suck somewhat. Sadly, these are the times we are living in. And I agree that the media needs to shape up and start explaining the facts of the situation clearly, so that people can prepare themselves for change, both physically and emotionally.