Saturday, 10 September 2011

Gossiping and grumbling

@MotherRose1 tweeted this verse this morning and it spoke to me.  So I thought I'd share.

Why do you gossip? 
Why do you grumble? 
It's the evil one's plan to allow you to stumble! 
Stand up in Gods goodness and Grace.
I am with you my child.
Now take your place.

There is a lot of gossiping and grumbling that goes on in every group of people I've ever encountered.  Work colleagues, friends, social groups, families, and the worst offenders in my experience - School mums!

I thought that it wouldn't happen inside churches and was bitterly disappointed when I realised it does.  It goes on at a different level, with more compassion and based on concern; but it quickly tips over to gossip.

It happens over coffee, in home groups, at socials, in meetings; by new members, old timers and many who should know better.  It happens between ministers, in vocation groups, and I'm betting in every group of people although I hope the Bishops don't.  And the worse thing is that it's horribly easy to join in with, I am guilty!

So today I am reminded of a vice to try and put down, today gossip and grumbling shall be avoided.

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