Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Listening as meditation

I have spent hours over the last few years trying to record the sounds of the waves on the pebble beach on the Hampshire/Dorset coast. I adore the sound; the rhythm, the movement, the gentleness, the force of nature; it comforts and relaxes me completely.

It is fantastic to learn that I am far from alone, as I discovered this morning on the BBC News Pages .

Sound Artist Bill Fontana has been recording the sounds of the waves at Chesil Beach and is going to play them in central London. What a fabulous project, what an amazing sound.

I agree with Bill entirely, listening the natural world is to me a form of meditation; a way of engaging with creation and the wonder of the world around us. Next time you have half an hour spare and need to relax I recommend you take yourself to a wood or park or beach or river and just listen, I promise you that you'll be blown away.

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