Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thirsty for the Holy Drink

Today I am sick.
After nine weeks of a debilitating cough my body has finally given in to itself in a dramatic fashion; namely me coughing, then collapsing in the kitchen with my head hitting the bin. I was out for a minute at most and happened to have Neil (vicar), Mike (husband) and friend (nurse) with me at the time so it was as good a place and time as any could have been. But it was scary, mighty scary and has left me feeling exhausted and fearful today.

So this thirsty thursday there was only one drink I needed, a Holy one, the blood of Christ, the eucharist. And thanks to the ministry of home communion that same nurse friend came this morning and shared the eucharist with me.

In my fear and my illness and my healing I drank the Holy Drink and knew that I was cared for by God and His church. Perfect.

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Virtual Pilgrim said...

Very sorry to hear you've been unwell, and for such a long time too :( Hope you make speedy recovery x