Sunday, 25 September 2011

Jesus as a boy in the temple

Today we did Jesus as a boy in the temple with God Squad.

- God wants us to seek him
- Jesus was no longer a child
- Jesus wanted to learn more about God
- adults were surprised by his action

We started the session in prayer and thinking about the week ahead.  We then thought about ways that we might think about God.  Many ideas were given, mostly relating to creation and nature.  

We talked about how we could seek God; the children identified prayer and singing and with some help came to the Bible and Church.

I reviewed Jesus' childhood and introduced the story of Jesus visiting the Jerusalem Temple when he was 12 years old.  I showed some pictures of how historians think the temple would have looked in Jesus' time and tasked the children with working together to make their own from boxes, tubes, paper and sticky tape.

The children did an amazing job, the temple they created was so much more than I expected them to produce.

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We placed God in the temple and then read the Bob Hartman version of the story together.

It was a fantastic session which we all enjoyed and which I'm sure will remain in the minds of the kids and the adults who saw the temple and heard the children back in church.

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