Sunday, 25 September 2011

+Colin's vision for LLMs in Oxford Diocese

Ministry of LLMs in non church settings 
- think of how being a Christian, a disciple, an LLM might change how we are and act in our lives outside church
- we bring a different view of humanity and this is an important reflection in the world

Ministry of presence
- the real impact of mission is in the presence in society
- we are recognisable people of God in the midst who can be a presence
- through our presence in the world we can bring people together as community

Doing new things
- in church eg messy church
- in the community eg meetings and worship for the community
- in schools eg RE, assemblies

Meeting a theological hunger
- Dawkins and Hawkings have established a debate and polarised discussion on theology, we can be in this

Helping people in praying
- most people feel deskilled in prayer, we can help by showing how we all are learning through experience
- through our sharing and teaching we can show how there is no wrong way to pray

As LLMs we are an integral part of the whole church; our mission is that of God who longs to see His church grow.  That is +Colin's vision for us.

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