Sunday, 2 October 2011

Blobbity blob blob blob

No I haven't lost the power of speech, I'm talking the language of blob as any self-respecting children or youth worker will know. Or more aptly, the non-language of blob.

Have no idea what I'm going on about? Then I recommend reading this page of Pip Wilson's blog she's the developer of blobs.

It all started for me with the blob tree itself
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This diagram provides such opportunity for anyone of any age to share how they feel about themselves or a situation. Without the need for words, the blobs themselves represent a variety of forms and types. I've used it myself to understand my emotions and it's powerful in Children's work.

Then at Greenbelt this year Pip provided this blob diagram
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With an invitation to explore feelings and experiences beforehand and at Greenbelt. I hope they do this again because it was great fun.

And this week blobs were the order of the day, outside in the sunshine, at self esteem club. I always join in the activities we undertake with the kids; it helps them and is giving for me as well. This time we did a new blob activity, with balloons lifting the blob into the sky. We worked on all the positive, uplifting thongs about ourselves and the fun things we do; and also had a few balloons with things we'd like to change, which we dropped away. It's easier if you can see mine:

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If you've never used a blob and talked the language of blob then have a go, it's simple yet powerful and a whole load of fun.

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