Sunday, 16 October 2011

Thoughts on the 16th October readings

Isaiah 45
I call you by name

Psalm 96
Declare his glory among the nations
And his wonders among all people

1 Thesaalonians 1
He has chosen you.  You received the word of the Lord in joy through the power of the holy spirit 

Matthew 22
Give to the emperor that which is the emperors and to God what is Gods.


Give to God what is Gods.

We are called by name by God, as we are made, as we live, as we are.  What are we called to? To declaring his wonders and glory to all people of all nations.  

He has chosen me, I'm no accident, no mistake; I'm chosen.  The Holy Spirit is around me and in me.

We all are chosen, we ALL! We are made in God's image.  We have Christ in us and around us.  We should rejoice in this.

So what does God ask from us?
He does not ask for taxes; he asks for our love, our energy, our gifts given to us by Him.  He asks us only to give what we can from what we are.

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