Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday five: the things we do for love

Friday Five as challenged by RevGalBlogPals

1. Something you did for love that was a hit
I wrote a version of Mr Bump for Rachel for her 4th birthday; it was a labour of love and she loved it and still does two years on.

2. Something you did for love that was more of a miss
I thought I'd take Mike away to Paris for valentines day about 10 years ago, but it wasn't exactly what we hoped for, not so much romantic as expensive and wet.

3. Something someone did for love for you
Mike agreed to getting married in a church in front of our families, friends and God; a true gift of love.

4. Something you wish someone would do for love for you
It's not to sound cliched but seriously I can't think of anything I wish; although I'd love to be surprised by a weekend away.

5. Something you've done for love of God
Followed His calling on my life, and right now that feels like a massive thing to do.

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Songbird said...

It certainly can feel more massive at some times than others, can't it?