Sunday, 2 October 2011

Trust and Give

Jesus didn't give a flipchart presentation or a Haines manual of instructions on how to trust and give; he lived it.

Jesus showed how to trust and give through the living of his own life entirely to God; in his ministry and especially on the cross.  

Charities say trust and give "trust us that there's help needed, and give to us trusting that we'll help those people".  And people give, in trust, and the charities give on.

Trusting and giving is what we're called to do.

When we hear the good news do we trust and give?  

Do we trust the words and message we hear and then give that out to others we meet?  

What stops us, is it fear?  
If so then all we need do is trust that God is with us in it.

God trusts us, He trusts all of us, believers or not; and He works with us knowing that His gifts help is trust Him.

Jesus says trust and give!

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