Saturday, 1 October 2011

Leading your church into growth day - Robin Gamble

This day is a day to capture the vision from the Leading Your Church into Growth (LYCIG) course.

The essence is that our church is our church; we know it, we love it; we know our community and we are the only ones who can decide what's right for us.  

It's about our hopes; our vision; ours!

God knows us, 
God knows our church, 
God knows our community, 
God knows our hopes for growth,
And God is with us in the journey.

There are people, lots of them, in the communities around our churches who are interested in finding God and exploring the questions.  We just need to offer opportunities for them to come in and ask the questions.

It's all about people.
Of course we need programmes and plans, but at the centre is God and it's all about people searching for Him.

Evangelism is not always easy to mention, it can make people feel uncomfortable, as can church growth; but it's just a word, a word about journeying to and with God.

See "growing church questions".

It's not just getting more people into God, it's about getting God into more people.

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