Saturday, 1 October 2011

A culture of invitation

The best invitation to any mission event is "I'm going, it's going to be good, will you come with me?"

People need to invite their friends to come to church, or to achieve event.  It can be hard to make that invitation; especially the first few times, but it gets easier.

Things that are important when we invite people to a church event:
- culturally relevant
- personal invitation
- contacts before content
- friends not strangers
- social events first, then services

You can't share what you haven't got; motivated people motivate others.  And of course it might not work first time, but don't become demotivated.

We have freely received, let's freely give.

Relationships are bridges to carry things across. We have a relationship with Jesus, he has a relationship with the world; we can bring Jesus' good news across the bridge of relationship to others.

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