Friday, 7 October 2011

Pre-licensing retreat #1

I have so much to share from the last few days; so much that I really don't know where to start.  A bit of me is tempted to say .....

great retreat, feeling calmer than I was and ready for the coming weeks

But that feels like a cop out, especially since I've tried to blog all the key points in this journey of LLM calling.  

So I will write, over a few posts, all that has happened in two of the most healing and formational days in the whole process.

It all started with spiritual direction on my way to retreat.  Having done retreats before I would really advise anyone to see their spiritual director just before going on retreat; it was a great way to kick off.  

We talked through my feelings about licensing and prayed together.  We both got the message about accepting myself, not worrying about image, focussing on being called just as I am.  It's such a recurring theme and one I'm sure I'll still be trying to accept many years from now.  

But it allowed me to take this message to retreat....

"I am beautiful, as made by God, with a purpose and ministry of my own."

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