Saturday, 29 October 2011

The after effect

I was watching the waves on the shore yesterday, they were quiet, calm and soothing. I was mesmerised, as always, by the sheer power of water and it's movement guided by the moon so many thousands of miles away. I started thinking about how the tides guided by the moon are a good analogy for Christians guided by God. But this was a mere passing thought compared to what this picture captures.

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You can see the sea and the beach, you can almost feel the power of the waves.
Then look closer to shore.
Do you see the bubbles?
And the wet sand?

This is what's left behind after the main show and power of the waves is over.
It has a role, it's important, it's beautiful and it remains.

Remind you of any lesson or teaching or experience?
I honestly believe that although the main event is important, usually it's what is left behind in your mind and heart that makes the lasting impact.

And of course that's a warning to those of us sharing the Gospel and living in discipleship; it's not only our words and actions at main events that have power, it's the message these leave and the words and actions on the edge.

Ministry is not a job, it's a life.
Scary? Yes.
Amazing? Indeed.

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