Friday, 2 March 2012

#cyblessings 2nd March 2012

£1.45 will pay for one person to benefit from a community health outreach session in Jamaica, run by Christian Aid partner S-corner, which also provides vital health services to local communities.

Is it just me or do you also think of beaches, music, dance, fun and a relaxed lifestyle when you think of Jamaica?  I don't think of Jamaica as a country in need, I'm clearly brainwashed by the tourist information we are fed.  I'm so glad that today I've been given the opportunity to look into the situation in Jamaica and put my wrong thinking right.  Here's what I've learned:

Jamaica is the largest English-speaking country in the Caribbean, with a population of nearly 2.8 million.

When you Google Jamaica in the UK you don't find out anything except tourism information until you reach page 7, that's a whole heap of mask to what are very real problems for the average Jamaican.

Jamaica needs tourism, it is one of it's major incomes; it is a good thing but it is mainly focussed in the north of the country and the money is held by a minority.

Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world and many areas are controlled by gangs.  This is made worse by high unemployment levels in many large towns.

Jamaica has free education for all their children through to the end of secondary school.

Jamaica's economy is growing and the country is thought to continue this way after the worldwide economic downturn.

Christian Aid are asking us to give 20p for every time you have accessed free healthcare this year.  I have complex health needs so I see a doctor at least twice a month and sometimes several times a week. In the last month alone I've seen a doctor 5 times; that would be 60 times in a year.  So I'm donating £12.00 this week which is less than the cost of two prescriptions here and yet will help 8 people access health provisions in Jamaica.

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