Friday, 2 March 2012

We still worship idols

In the Book of Judges in the Bible there is a need for judgement because 90% of the Israelites worshipped Idols 90% of the time.

It is easy to hear about how God's people in the Old Testament worshipped Idols.  It's easy to know that we don't do the same, to somehow feel better than those people because we know God and know not to have false Gods.

But we are not innocent of worshipping idols, it's just that our idols are not the same as those of 3000 year ago.  They are not little statues and they don't require slain lambs, but they are idols none the less.

We worship......







We still worship idols, we just do it through our habitual actions rather than at altars.  And just like the people of the Old Testament we keep making the same mistakes and falling into our old ways.  There is hope though, and we know it, we just need to ask Jesus to help us, to remove these things from us and to focus us back on God and His will for us.

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