Saturday, 3 March 2012

#cyblessings 3rd and 4th March 2012

Christian Aid partner YEC has supported women in adapting to climate change and ensured that they are now able to work to support themselves in Tajikistan. With the support of YEC, Hodzhibibi has now established a thriving raspberry-growing business and is a member of her local women’s cooperative, through which she is making a good living

We hear the words "Climate Change" and we think of the warmer summers and weird winters and possibly some flooding, but let's be honest about the fact that it'll barely affect us personally in our lives.  The same is not true of those in poverty around the world.  Today Christian Aid are telling us about the situation in Tajikistan, a country north of Afghanistan which was formerly part of the USSR.

Tajikistan is adversely affected by climate change because it has extreme weather conditions and melting glaciers.  Its government lacks the money and infrastructure to cope. The Youth Eco Centre provides 70 per cent of the cost to build greenhouses with adaptable roofs – vital for growing crops in a harsh climate with extremes of hot and cold. The bumper harvests bring new economic and social influence for the women, who then work to solve other problems with energy and water supplies.

Christian Aid are asking us to give thanks for new employment opportunities that pay a fair wage and to give 50p if your financial situation has improved since last year.

We live in a country where there is a minimum wage and where you are guaranteed to be paid for the job you do.  We live in a country where even if you don't work you will be supported by those in work through a social care system.  We live in a country where no one starves due to poverty.  We are lucky.  The same is far from true for the majority of the world and we should remember this when we complain about necessary changes to the benefits system or lack of pay rises.

I have not had any improvement in our financial situation this year, but I have found ways of saving money which means we are no worse off this year than last year.  I will therefore donate £1 which I would normally spend on a bottle of water when out today and instead take water from home.

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