Wednesday, 7 March 2012

#cyblessings 7th March 2012

Christian Aid partners are helping communities prepare for and respond to natural disasters around the world including Tajikistan and Honduras.

I don't feel like counting my blessings today, I'm too full of fear; but then I was reminded in prayer that part of this process is about even in our most pain and fear filled lives we are still amongst the luckiest people on the planet.

I have a lump on my tongue and I know I can see a doctor within 2 days.

I am in pain and I can afford 3 forms of pain relief.

I might have cancer and I know I'll be seen by a specialist within 2 weeks and will be cared for no matter what they find.

I know my daughter will still be able to go to school throughout this.

I know Mike can help with me and Rachel and his boss will cut him some slack during this time.

I know I'm lucky, I know I need to count my blessings more than ever.

And today we are asked to think about how people cope after earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis when they loose everything.  I am lucky indeed.

Christian Aid are asking us to give 10p for every item we could not live without.  That's tricky, I'm not sure what I need absolutely.  I need my Thyroxin and Asthma medication; I need water; I need one set of clothing; that's probably it.  But it'd be almost impossible to live without many other items because of the lifestyles we have.  I recon I'd easily get to 50 items I couldn't live without, and yes I'm ashamed to admit that.  So today I commit £5.00.

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