Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy St David's Day

Isn't the google doodle for St David's Day fantastic; I love it but I have to admit that's because I still treasure my red dragon which I got on one of our holidays to Wales as a child.  I might have to show some surprise though that there's no rain because Wales get's a lot of rain and it needs it to retain all those lush green hillsides and banks of flowers.

St David is the patron saint of Wales. He was born in the late fifth century and founded a Celtic monastic community under what is now St David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire. It is thought St David died on the 1st March in the year 588.

St David is one of those rare saints where quite a lot is known about his life.  He was a preacher and teacher and became a bishop over two synods.  He went on three pilgrimages which are recorded, to Rome and Jerusalem where he was made Archbishop.   David founded a monastic community based on a simple life of hard work, no possessions, no meat and no beer.  It is claimed that David lived for over 100 years and that the monastery was 'filled with angels as Christ received his soul.'.

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Sarahmumof3 said...

happy Saint Davids Day, I must admit the google doodle is great :) x