Friday, 2 March 2012

Responding to God's Agenda.

Genesis 1: "In the beginning God".

The ten commandments start "I am the Lord your God"

Can you see how both these start with God not with man.

God is in charge and He tells us what He has done and why He loves us; only THEN does God tell us how to live.  God gives the people life and now He gives them a promise to care for them if they take responsibility for God's world.

God wanted them to build a community, He still wants us to build.  God gives us the ways to walk and live and disciple.  We are called to follow and build community.

Mission is about finding where God is working and helping out.  God is the initiator and we respond.  Jesus told us: "without me (Jesus) you can do nothing".

The issue is how we respond. 
Two key ways are in working towards peace and caring for the world.

Genesis tells us that God wants us to be fruitful, to be a massive family so we can look after the world.  It doesn't say many families, God's plan is that we work together as one family in peace and co-operation.

Genesis goes on to tell us that we are to be responsible for a massive garden.  This world is God's world, we are entrusted to look after it; but it's not ours.. We are ourselves on loan in the world from God.

Jesus tells us stories about tenants and about how to look after the world; he's telling us how to look after our lives and the world for God.

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